Finding the needle in data haystacks

Building tech and startups from Zero to Hero and multiple zeros

Anomalous Technologies specializes in data anomaly products as well as consulting in technology fields such as Software Development, Infrastructure, DevOps, Information Security and Cyber Security.

CTO as a service

Choosing a tech team, stack or a CTO can be a daunnting task. Let us help you idenitfy key areas of risk and help you build the tech startup you always dreamed of.

Infosec as a service

You can't protect what you don't know? Anomalous Technologies is an expert in cloud security and developer security. Let us help you get secured!

Featured Projects


kaleidoscopeart Website

  • Website setup, design, hosting, CDN

Website, email, CMS, Content Delivery network setup and hosting for www.kaleidoscopeart.co.za art school in Somerset West.

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Groobies International Airpot Website

  • Website development and design in VUE.js/Nuxt.js

Website designed for a South African movie shoot to have a interactive website for actors to interact with.

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